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OpenTTD 0.6 is a simulation game based on the Transport Tycon Deluxe original
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OpenTTD is a simulation open-source game based on the Transport Tycoon Deluxe original game. Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe or OpenTTD places you as a transport company owner and the target of the game is to be the most successful transportation company. In its world generation configuration you’re allowed to load different scenarios, map sizes, number of towns, the start date (by default and the oldest is January 1st 1950) and other features to provide realism to this simulated world.

Like in other games of this kind, you need to control your budget to build roads, trains, rails, airports, etc, i.e. all the things related with your transportation business. You’re allowed to borrow from banks and become a the company that distributes products from factories, farms, etc to towns or cities.

All the new features of this version are equally significant. It provides you with control of the graphics, so that you can resize and configure it to a good resolution. This version also offers multiplayer options.

The game's installation process is easy to perform; and in case you want to load some items from the original game Transport Tycoon Deluxe you will need it to install separately. Its GUI is fine, but is not much friendly to users; you will require some time to get used to the buttons and their functions, or read the manual to know how to play the game. Its documentation is only available on its website.

OpenTTD works on Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, BeOS, OS/2, and Windows platforms.

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  • OpenTTD is a great simulation game, whose objective is to build a transportation empire


  • No tooltips for in-game buttons
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